Zambia teachers’ union objects to teacher transfers as it breaks marriages

Source: The Zambia Observer reporter

PF Tribalist Teacher
PF Tribalist Teacher

The Zambia Observer reporter

Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) has urged the government to stop transferring teachers from one province to another as the act is breaking up marriages.

Teachers on Thursday commemorated World Teachers’ Day under the theme “Teaching in freedom, empowering teachers”.

Speaking at the event at Copperbelt University, PROTUZ president Vincent Mwitumwa said the transfer of teachers to other towns had left many marriages broken.

He said the union was concerned with the manner in which the transfers were done.

Mwitumwa said the government should transfer teachers in a proper manner.

“Teachers’ marriages are breaking because of the transfers that are done in a questionable manner. These transfers are even causing these people to contract HIV/AIDS,” he said.

Mwitumwa also condemned the displaying of names of teachers found with fake qualifications as it was putting their lives at risk.

He said the practice was also damaging the teaching profession.

Mwitumwa also said the union would not support teachers that engaged in examination malpractices and impregnating of schoolgirls. And Kitwe District Education Board Secretary Alan Kaoma advised teachers to dress in a decent manner that promoted dignity. Kaoma said teachers should have passion for their learners and stay away from malpractices as a way of protecting their jobs.

Kitwe district commissioner Binwel Mpundu advised teachers to desist from partisan politics but instead support the government the day. He said the government would not tolerate poor results among pupils.

“Stay away from politics because your duty as a civil servant is to support the ruling party and teachers have a better package than nurses and officers, so poor results in examinations will not be tolerated,” said Mpundu.

Source: The Zambia Observer



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