Vuwani’s battle impacts on ordinary lives


By Rolivhuwa Sadiki

The battle over the municipal demarcation in Vuwani has led to disruption of ordinary people’s lives including a student who was scheduled to write exams.

Schools, businesses and government buildings including the home affairs office where voters were scheduled to collect their identity documents to enable them to vote were shut in the Limpopo village town on Tuesday.

The shutdown comes after the Pro-Makhado Dermacation Task Team and the residents vowed not to partake in today’s general election.

A former University of Venda student from Vyeboom who wished to remain anonymous told how Tuesday’s shutdown has had a devastating impact on his life and academic career.

The student was supposed to have written English First Additional Language (FAL) Paper 1 for his Amended Senior Certificate Examination but was met by locked gates at  Tshivhulana primary school.

“I came to this school at around 12:30 where I was supposed to write my exam to upgrade my matric results and the gates were locked,” he said.

Upon realising that he was not in possession of his admission letter, he then left the premises and proceeded to the Vuwani circuit office to get it (admission letter). To his surprise, the circuit office was also closed.

 “I am so disturbed because I could not write the paper as it had been scheduled. I had been preparing for the paper for so long and to find that I could not write today is truly disappointing,” he said.

“However, on Thursday I will go to the circuit to find out what will happen since I could not write the paper because what transpired today is out of my control,” he concluded. Education department officials were not readily available to comment.

Meanwhile Limpopo arrested two suspects aged 30 and 35 in Giyani for the Contravention of the Electoral Act and Malicious Damage to Property at Guwela village on Monday night.Police said the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officials were about to enter one homestead at around 11am in Guwela village where they were going to assist one citizen to cast a special vote when a group of men approached them, prevented them from executing their duties and damaged the ballot papers. While the ballot papers were damaged, no one sustained any inquiries. Police were mobilised and within hours the two suspects were arrested.



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